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Argos Bird PTT – MRBA-25G – is fitted for wildlife tracking.

Whatever your scientific mission, with the Syrlinks Argos PTT, easily monitor wildlife and adjust bio-logging parameters according to your needs. Argos bird PTT is already used for several wildlife tracking mission.
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990 € 

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Miniature technology


Solar panel battery

Argos Bird, an innovative beacon

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Argos Bird PTT associates miniaturized technology, ultra-precise geolocation using a GNSS receiver and multiple on-board sensors to meet the multiple needs of scientists…

Operation & Interfaces


1_ Argos PTT emits signals from the animal

2_ Receipt of signals by satellites and forwarding to ground stations

3_ Data collection and analysis by the user

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In the press

Each wildlife trace is tracking…with Argos Bird PTT

– Syrlinks
argos bird beacon, argos ptt, argos wildlife tracking

Protect Wildlife

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