Argos system & Argos beacons

Argos is a satellite-based location and data collection system. Syrlinks designs & manufactures tracking devices which transmit data to Argos constellation of satellites. Information is received by ground stations and send to final user.

This page aims to present you how argos system and argos beacons work together. We also explain you what kind of PTT are compatible with argos system and interface.
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Argos System at a glance

To successfully complete your monitoring project, it is necessary to choose a
compatible device with the Argos system.
To do this, we invite you to check the following points:

Select the best device

Visit our website to choose the best device for your mission. Our tracking beacon can be set up according to your needs. If you wish advices or assistance, we will glad to give you help.

Argos account & ID numbers

Each Argos PTT have to be link to an ID number and an Argos account. To create your account (if you do not already have) and request ID numbers, please visit the Argos website and complete contact form.

First steps with Argos

Once you have received your Argos PTT, here is the list of steps to take to ensure
that your mission runs smoothly:

Check battery level of your Argos PTT - Argos bird
Install tracking beacon on animal - consult user manual
Set up data you wish to collect


Just connect on argos website to collect data

Overview of Argos Web Interface

Thank to Argos new webportal powered by CLS, access a world of Argos Data.
Just discover it in video !