About Syrlinks Wildlife

Syrlinks Wildlife develops and manufactures Argos PTT. This is the trademark of Syrlinks’ tracking and geolocation products. The brand Syrlinks Wildlife is aimed at the scientific community whose objective is the study and the protection of fauna.

Syrlinks Wildlife is positioned today as a new entrant in the market for bio-logging and animal tracking. Bio-logging is a technique that collects physiological and behavioral data through sensors installed on wild animals.

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Syrlinks Expertise

Thanks to its expertise in radiocommunication and geolocation, Syrlinks has developed a new miniature beacon to track small sized animals. Its team has designing and manufacturing ultra-reliable equipment for many years to meet the challenges of space and security. Syrlinks masters satellite technologies including the Argos system, but also the GNSS (GPS/Galileo) technology. The combination of these two positioning systems lead the company to take an interest in wildlife observation. Syrlinks has developed a complete set of Argos 4 master beacons to monitor the new generation of the Argos constellation. For animal tracking, it created one of the lightest beacons in the world. This Argos PTT is integrating a rechargeable battery, solar panels, a GNSS receiver and multiple sensors. The Argos Bird beacon weights less than 25 grams!  

From a more general point of view, Syrlinks is a French company based in Cesson-Sévigné and, recently, in Toulouse. Syrlinks, expert in radiocommunication and geolocation equipment, is recognized for its excellence in several fields especially the space market. The company is generally positioned in the defense, safety and time-frequency fields.

A refined tracking for birds over 800g

The Argos Bird beacon is used to monitor birds over 800 grams. It uses miniature solar panels and electronic components for a long-term tracking. To avoid a change in the behavior of the animal, the beacon has been designed to not exceed 3% of the weight of the animal. Argos Bird is distinguished by a very small footprint, advanced technical performances. A reduced price is also allowing to trace more animals with the same budget.

For a flawless accuracy of the positioning, Syrlinks has embedded a GNSS (GPS/Galiléo) receiver in the Argos PTT. Therefore, the animal position in permanently known with a geolocation accuracy inferior to 10 meters. Finally, several telemetry sensors are embedded to meet the needs of scientists depending on the species monitored: accelerometer, temperature, pressure, brightness…

The coupling of Argos and GNSS technologies makes it possible to track the monitored species continuously and without shortage of information.

An experimentation of the Argos PTT by the biologists of the CNRS

This new generation beacon has attracted the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) teams at the Chizé Center for biological studies, recognized worldwide for its work on the evolution of animal populations and the environmental impacts around the world. Scientists were able to experiment with Syrlinks’ Argos PTT as part of an albatross tracking campaign. Attentive to the day-to-day issues of these researchers, Syrlinks offered to make the setting of the beacon easier by using a smartphone in Bluetooth. This technology allowing the biologists to save time but also to simplify their interventions.

By dividing the cost by 3 compared to its competitors, environmental research laboratories have the opportunity  buying more Argos PTTs for the same budget. And thus to collect 3 times more data.

The developed beacon has been adapted for other animal species, such as sand cats or for the study of bustards.
Syrlinks engineers are already thinking of widening the use of these argos PTTs to marine mammals or any other animal species requiring tracking.

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